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Crisis Management for a Software Company

The owner of a software company (development and distribution of software) is also the managing director of a German computer company. In this dual function he does not have sufficient time to focus on the development and distribution of a new product. Organisation and product development had come to a standstill.

MCC Adrian Holter was called in as interim executive and entrusted with the following projects:
  • Analysis of employee potential
  • Reorganisation of internal communication

  • Analysis of the company's costs and financial structure, and development of a business plan
  • Monitoring the development of a new product until it is ready to be launched on the market
  • Optimisation of the sales force
  • Preparing employees and strategic partners for a merger

The product was ready to be launched on the market within three months and sales rose by 25%. A new financing structure laid the foundation for future growth. Operational management could be returned to the organisation.

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