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Examples of successful coaching by MCC Adrian Holter

Individual – Coaching

The manager of a semi-privatised company dealt with the following issues during individual coaching:
  • Understanding of his role and main responsibilities as a manager
  • Responsibilities and function of political leadership
  • Identification of the relevant environments
  • Own career planning
  • Separating private life and professional demands
  • Definition of personal core competencies and his own room for manoeuvre

Conflict Mediation

After the years of expansion, three founders and managing directors of a service company had grown apart. An equal partnership of three had developed into a tandem with a sidecar. The following issues were dealt with in the framework of conflict mediation:
  • Discussion of mutual experiences
  • Reaction of the other partners
  • Definition of own wishes
  • Developing options for the future
  • Defining of new rules for working together
  • New agreement concerning distribution of management responsibilities

I would be pleased to draw up a development programme tailored to your individual needs.

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